Food Favourites: Ombar Chocolate

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that adopting a healthy diet doesn’t mean the complete eradication of chocolate from your life. In fact, chocolate boasts many health benefits. It’s rich in iron, teeming in antioxidants and, of course, helps to raise your serotonin levels, otherwise known as your happy hormones, boosting your mood and giving you an extra reason to smile! The reason chocolate gets such a bad reputation in relation to health is because the chocolate we find on most supermarket shelves is overly processed and packed full of sugar, leaving little goodness and creating a huge blood-sugar level spike that will drain your energy, causing you to grab more sugary snacks again and again until your liver can no longer take it. Ultimately, this leaves you with an array of health problems. But, fear not because there is a solution.

Chocolate bars created with raw cacao powder and more natural sugars are a much healthier alternative to traditional chocolate bars. The cacao is unrefined, leaving nutrients intact and, if made with the right sugars, can be far less harmful to your body.


I love to make my own raw chocolate treats but if I’m ever gifted with food, raw chocolate seems to be the best way to go. One brand of raw chocolate which I always recommend and absolutely adore is Ombar. These bars use raw cacao powder and are sweetened with coconut palm sugar which has a lower GI than regular refined sugar so, in moderation, will have a less negative impact on your health. Though there are quite a few raw chocolate bars on the market now, the reason I love Ombar is because they have an absolutely gorgeous Coconut Mylk bar which manages to create the delicious taste and creamy texture of milk chocolate in a way that I haven’t yet found in other bars of healthy dairy free chocolate yet. They also have tonnes of different flavours like strawberries and cream, lemon and green tea, even acai and blueberry to get an extra dose of superfood goodness. Plus, Ombar recently released coconut mylk chocolate buttons which are super cute and awesome to take with you as a snack! So, if you ever need to satisfy your chocolate cravings the healthy way, then you simply must give Ombar chocolate a try! To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.

Maxine Ali