Meet Maxine

Hi there! My name is Maxine and I’m a London-based journalist, writer, photographer and content creator with a huge appetite for all things health, fitness and food. Welcome to my website!

Where the peanut butter addiction began…

Created in 2014 as a diary of my clumsy navigation through the ever-glamourous and trendy London health and fitness scene as a starry-eyed first year undergraduate, I soon discovered a flair for creating innovative and delicious recipes that could be accessible to everyone and I took to documenting them in my own personal quarters online.

Through my degree in linguistics, I grew more conscious of and concerned by the largely negative and moralistic language tied to our eating habits. ‘Guilty pleasures,’ ‘cheat meals,’ ‘clean, pure and free from nasties.’ I saw how the hideous connotations tied to these words might foster a deeply disordered relationship with food. And so began my quest to reconnect health with indulgence and help others understand that doing the things that bring you joy, that nourish your body and feed your soul without stress or anxiety are the true acts of wellness.

Since graduating in 2016, I now straddle my time between health, food and fitness journalism, writing for various publications such as and Women’s Health magazine, I work with several brands to drive awareness about up and coming innovations in the industry through my photography and content creation, and continue to spark real, experience-led discussions about health and wellbeing through my website and social media. I also host and speak at food and fitness events London-wide to promote positivity, creativity and indulgence in our attitudes towards health.

Stay a while and explore the site to indulge your healthiest and happiest self.

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