Who Says Picnics Are Just For Summer?

When the days gets shorter, the weather gets colder and the sky gets darker, it’s typically time to pack up the summer gear and go into hibernation for the Winter. Not us though! Summer may be long gone and the ground may be far too damp to lie on the grass these days, but that sure won’t stop us from having our Plant-based Picnics.


Last Sunday we hosted our first Plant-based Picnic of the season, embracing all things Autumnal and getting ourselves into the harvest-time spirit. We set up camp in an amazing new venue – Icetank Kitchen in Covent Garden – and decked the halls with everything fall. There were crisp fallen leaves, bright pumpkins, spooky glowing chairs, all warm and inviting with their rich hues. The scene couldn’t have been more welcoming for the fifty foodies who joined us for the feast.

Myself and my gorgeous friend Pixie (Plant-based Pixie) were excited to bring together a whole host of health food enthusiasts and were even happier to see so many new face, all with them a huge slice of talent in the form of their plant-based creations.

There was falafal, vegan burgers and so many different kinds of salads laid out for people to pick and choose for lunch before diving head first into the sweet treats which were the stars of the show. Chickpea cookie dough, pumpkin pie, doughnuts, caramel truffles, it was true heaven and the best part? It was all refined sugar free and loaded with nourishing ingredients – after all, if you’re going into a chocolate coma, it might as well be of the raw kind, right? I don’t think I’ve ever been better fed!

We were also delighted to be joined by some of our favourite healthy food brands – Pip and Nut with their incredible creamy nut butters, Coconut Merchant and there revolutionary coconut jam, Pollen and Grace fuelling everyone with delicious maca energy bites and Creative Nature supplementing their berry bars. And, to top it all off – we had the some of the best juices from the lovely folks at Raw Press to keep everyone hydrated and get in those necessary greens!

As per usual – I snuck away a little box of sweet treats to keep me going over the week – no shame!

These picnics may be a simple and small affair, but truthfully there is nothing more rewarding than seeing all the friendships forged, the creativity shared and the excitement that they bring. It’s incredible to see a group of strangers who typically would never cross paths, meet and talk non-stop for hours about a shared passion and so I’m utterly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of these events. It still blows my mind that, after a year, this is what the events have become. Every single picnic has been my favourite and they just keep getting better.

If you’ve ever heard about the events, seen the hashtag or spotted some of the gorgeous photos online and wanted to join but have felt too shy or worried that you couldn’t make anything, I cannot urge you enough to just give it a stab and come along with whatever recipe you fancy because I promise, you will meet so many people, swap numbers with at least half the room, try all kinds of delicious food! You’ll hear about all the best new healthy hangouts and you’ll probably make dates to visit them too. You’ll definitely end up in a food coma but you won’t be able to resist taking a way an extra box of dessert for the train home. Once you arrive, you’ll realise that your nerves were all for nothing because everyone is there to meet others and share their enthusiasm and passion. So, if that is you, I really hope we’ll see you next time!


Maxine Ali